What is the Dogwood Garden Club?

The Dogwood Garden Club is a non-profit organization established in 1961 for the purposes of promoting local interest in gardening and the beautification of Pollock Pines, and supporting the establishment and continuance of the Pollock Pines Library. We contribute to local charities, schools, youth groups, service organizations, and the El Dorado County Penny Pines Program.

2014 Officers
  • Mary Bourn, President
  • Doris Morley, Vice President
  • Marilyn Johnson, Secretary
  • Maureen Julian, Treasurer
2014 Team Leaders
  • Marilyn Johnson and June Short, Communications
  • Pat Schoggins, Decorations
  • Mary Bourn, Fundraising
  • Leslie Sinclair, Pat Schoggins and Marilyn Johnson, Gardening
  • Teri Munyon and Cathy Staller, Historians
  • Marilyn Brown, Mentoring
  • June DeVille and Jeri Hartman, Membership
  • Mary Bourn, Parliamentarian
  • Judy Jackson, Programs
  • Nanette Lewis, Newsletter
  • Janet Sullivan, Sunshine
  • Nanette Lewis, Judy Cooper and Tami Lee, Crafts
  • Maureen Julian, Webmaster